Install V1 Connection from App Store

Create a New Profile from Factory Default

(make sure your V1 is connected)

Set V1 Mode to Logic Mode

Option Reason
Use Logic Mode Logic Mode often will notify V1Driver before the V1 Alarms given V1Driver a chance to decide if it should be muted. This will keep the V1 very quiet when V1Driver is confident that it’s a false. All Bogey mode (A) has very little filtering on BSM (Blind Spot Monitors) and will alarm to often. Advanced Logic Mode will behave the asme as Logic Mode except it will stay invisible to you and V1Driver until V1 Alarms.


Disable Bogey-Lock tone Loud after muting


Option Reason
Disable Bogey Lock tone Loud after muting If you leave it enabled you can still get bombarded with Bogey Lock Tones in congested areas as the count bounces up and down. Even if V1Driver has the area locked out or you’re parked in a Mall parking lot well under Savvy, the Bogey Lock Tone can still fire, a lot. V1Driver is smart enough to Unmute new threats, so the usefulness of this feature is lower
Mute Volume Down This is not a setting in V1 Connection. But make sure you know how to set the Mute Volume on the V1 and you usually want it very low.


Name Profile, Save Check for Small l on V1